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Bamboo Baby Weaning Sets

Bamboo Baby Weaning Sets

When it comes to weaning your baby, you want to choose the best possible option for them. Many mums love bamboo weaning sets, as they’re environmentally friendly, durable and perfect for little ones' tiny hands. If you're on the hunt for the perfect set of bamboo weaning equipment, take a look at our top picks below!


Bamboo Baby Weaning Bowl Set

Introducing the Bamboo Baby Weaning Bowl Set - the perfect way to help your little one make the move from breast or bottle to solid food. The set includes an organic bamboo bunny suction plate, with a deep bamboo bowl and spoon. The bunny's cute face will keep your child entertained while they learn to feed themselves, and the non-slip base ensures that the plate stays in place on any surface. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this set is safe for both baby and mum!

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Baby Bamboo & Silicone Tableware Gift Set


The perfect gift for the eco-conscious and fashion forward new mum! This bamboo teddy suction plate is stylish and sustainable, and this set comes with a silicone bib and matching silicone bowl with fork and spoon. The soft, silicone material is durable and non-toxic, making it safe for baby to eat from. The fun teddy bear design will make mealtime fun for your little one.

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Baby Silicone & Bamboo Tableware Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift for a new baby? Our Baby Silicone & Bamboo Tableware Gift Set has everything you need! The bamboo bunny suction plate is clean and safe for little ones to eat from, while the soft silicone bib and bowl will keep them clean. Plus, the fork and spoon make mealtime easy. Give the gift of convenience and safety with our Baby Silicone & Bamboo Tableware Gift Set!

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Children's Bamboo Dinner Set

This adorable Children's Bamboo Dinner Set is perfect for your little one. The bamboo bunny suction plate attaches to the table, so meals are mess-free. The included bamboo bowl and spoon make it easy for your child to eat independently, and the soft silicone bib protects clothes from spills and stains. With this set, mealtime is fun and easy!

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Bamboo Kids Dinner Set

This dinner set is perfect for those who want to introduce their little ones to the wonders of bamboo dining. The sustainable bamboo material is not only good for the environment, but also gentle on delicate skin. The soft silicone bib will keep your child's clothes clean, and the fun bamboo teddy suction plate will keep food from sliding off during mealtime. Plus, the cute teddy design is sure to amuse and engage your child.

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Bamboo Kids Plates

Introducing the perfect set for your little one's mealtimes - the bamboo kids plates!

Made with all natural bamboo, this set is gentle on your child's delicate skin. The soft silicone suction base sticks to most surfaces, keeping the plate in place while they eat. And with a cute teddy design, it'll make mealtimes even more fun!

Includes an organic bamboo bowl and spoon too, which is perfect for smaller hands. So why not ditch the disposable plastics and go green with the bamboo kids plates?

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So if you're looking for a sustainable and stylish feeding set for your little one, bamboo might be the perfect material for you. Bamboo Weaning Sets come with soft silicone bibs and cute animal faces that will make your little one happy. Plus, they're easy to clean and help reduce environmental waste. Check out our selection of adorable bamboo weaning sets today!