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How Buying Plastic Can Harm Marine and River Life

How Buying Plastic Can Harm Marine and River Life

You may not know this, but every time you purchase plastic, you could be harming marine life. It’s true! Here’s how buying plastic can harm animals that life in the water:


When plastic is produced, toxic chemicals are released into the environment. These chemicals can then find their way into the ocean where they can poison or harm marine life. In addition, when plastic is discarded into the environment, it doesn’t just go away. It can take hundreds of years for plastic to break down and during that time, it can leach harmful chemicals into the soil and water which can then be ingested by marine life.


In addition to harming marine life directly, plastic also harms them indirectly. For example, when a turtle eats a plastic bag thinking they are jellyfish, they can get caught in the bags and suffocate. Or, when birds eat plastic fragments, they can choke on them or starve to death because the plastic takes up space in their stomachs and they feel full even though they haven’t eaten anything nutritious.


So next time you are at the store, think twice before reaching for that plastic bag or bottle. Your purchase could be harming marine life in ways you never even imagined. Do your part to help protect our planet and its inhabitants by choosing environmentally friendly options whenever possible.