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Our Story

At Eco Health we wanted to create an easy one-stop online store to help you replace your non sustainable and plastic items around the home with natural products, to help you start your eco friendly journey.

We know that it can be very overwhelming when starting your eco journey, so we are going to help you get started with one product at a time.

You don't need to overhaul your whole life in one go! You can just start by replacing one thing today!

Bamboo products by Eco Health

Our motivation to create Eco Health, began when we looked around our own homes and saw aerosol cans and unnecessary plastic items, that are contributing to the global warming and the big pile of plastic we are now responsible for.

You can start by just trying to keep plastics to a minimum and by replacing general household items that we use everyday, with sustainable replacement products that are completely ecologically environmentally friendly.

Every piece of plastic that we use will never go away and it’s just adding to the huge ever-growing mass of plastic that we are accumulating as a human race.

At Eco Health we will help you look after yourself and also the environment, while having fun along the way!

Eco Health design and manufacturer sustainable replacement products that are completely ecologically and environmentally friendly.

All of our skincare products are only using 100% natural ingredients, with no nasty chemicals.

Helping you change to be Eco Friendly - One thing at a time!