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Customer Testimonials

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Sarah ~ Standing Desk

The Eco Health wooden standing desk arrived and took less than a minute to assemble. It comes in five pieces, the two feet, the back, the monitor shelf and the keyboard shelf. It slots together really easily and is just as simple to adjust to whatever height you need for it to feel comfortable working. The plywood makes it very strong, sturdy enough that you could use a normal pc and heavy monitor with it & can be transported from one room to another. I'm using this with a wobble desk stool which enables me to keep a good posture when working at my pc. Not only is this useful it's actually extremely aesthetically pleasing too, giving a slice of modernistic style to my office.


Robert ~ Standing Desk

I am lucky enough to have a standing desk in my office at work and completely swear by it, but when lockdown hit and I was sent to work from home I sorely missed it and felt sluggish being sat down for several hours a day. This wooden portable standing desk is an absolute godsend! It comes as a number of sturdy individual wooden pieces that you slot together into a standing desk that's just the right height for you. Once it's assembled it feels super solid and sturdy, and there is no play or wobble at all. At the end of the working day you can take it apart into it's flat component pieces and put it out of the way until needed again. All the pieces are a great thickness and it feels really well made and should last a lifetime. Big fan.


Veronica ~ Standing Desk

Made from very strong 18mm Plywood is this quality portable, adjustable standing desk. You can sit or stand with this desk and it really does look after your back. It's an off white wood colour, you can leave it natural or if it doesn't suit the decor your could paint it any colour you would like. It is a lovely strong modern piece of furniture that will keep your back in the shape it is meant to be in.


Richard ~ Sanitiser Gel

Bottle looks nice and the pump delivers just the right amount to sanitise your hands, it does not spray everywhere which I found with related products of this nature. The sanitiser itself is cloudy and has little air bubbles scattered throughout, I like this look and it adds a charm to an otherwise plain old 'Sanitiser Gel' sat on your table. The smell is wonderful (if you like lavender) and your hands are left feeling soft as well as clean. I have allergic reactions to a lot of products and so far, so good... no burning or itchiness. What tops it for me is that it is not tested on animals. I have no hesitation in recommending this product, it is a sanitiser that I intend to continue to use, and it will also replace the current brand I use in my art room. Yes, sanitiser gel is a must have for your art space :)


Helen ~ Silicone Bibs

I love those bibs. They are so soft and really easy to clean. My little one likes nibble on them too. The holes are just right size so if you have a little wriggler like me it can be a bit tricky to be put on but once it’s on it stays on.


Carole ~ Silicone Bibs

The bibs are great for catching any spills and bits of food. They are so easy to wipe down to clean or run under the tap, I much prefer these to fabric ones as they need washing constantly in the washing machine. I ordered these in the terracotta shades and they are beautiful, modern colours that are unisex.


Rochelle ~ Silicone Bibs

These bibs are absolutely beautiful! I have had bibs in this style before which have been tough and too rigid but these are super soft and flexible. My son loves enjoying his meal times wearing these and the colours are subtle on the eye too. I would 100% recommend!


Naomi ~ Silicone Bibs

These are brilliant, our daughter is just learning to feed by herself and meal times can get very messy, these seem to really mould around her and catch all the food. In fact they are some of the most effective bibs which we have tried. The bibs come in two colours and each is one solid piece of silicone. There are four sizing notches on the back that when hooked in are pretty solidly fastened. Our daughter has a trick of taking her silicone bibs off but has yet been able to get these off, so a big bonus. The pouch as the bottom is quite long and wide and I think this is why they are effective as there is a lot of room for food to be caught in. the bibs also sit quite close to the neckline so that water/food does not go underneath and down the front. On colour I would say the mint green is much nicer in person than in photos but I think the rose pink is a little bit misleading, it's quite a subdued pink and very subtle, I expected it to be quite vibrant, but this is a really minor niggle. At the end of the day the colour doesn't matter as it will be covered in food anyway. I do like the fact that these bibs are both plastic free and BPA-Free, it gives you confidence when using them. A really effective, well made and attractive set of bibs.


Molli ~ Silicone Bibs

Such beautiful bibs! Really good quality and fit and love the colours. Great they have such a big pouch to catch food spillage too! These bibs are so lovely.

Corinne ~ Silicone Bibs

Oh wow I love the feel of these! Don’t have no nasty nor cheap plastic smell which is always a good sign. The colours are lovely natural earth shades which goes with the whole eco friendly theme in my opinion. I love that you can reuse these for a long time and how durable they are. They may seem thin which I like but they are very sturdy. Will be able to use these for many years to come and could even use them for future babies #2 and #3 lol Will get these for my best friend as a gift because in my opinion considering how durable and eco friendly they are compared to other ones these are really good. There are so many cheap non recyclable plastic ones that not only look awful after a couple uses but also add to landfill waste. And those are often as pricey as these beautiful ones. Would much rather support a company like this! Also the little catch pouch is just an added bonus. How many little ones drop their food. This helps wasting food as they can pick up bits they may have dropped from there. Also prevents any unnecessary spillage as this catches it. Very well made indeed.


Afua ~ Silicone Bibs

I have a few silicone baby bibs but they are all quite stiff and uncomfortable. These are soft and super flexible, and they are really easy to put on and take off as the little tabs slip in easily but are also very secure. They’re also very lightweight so are comfortable to wear.


Abhishek ~ Sanitiser Gel

Wanted a 'decor-friendly' hand sanitiser that I could keep on the console table near the front door. So, thinking I was clever, I bought some soap dispensers and a 5 ltr pack of hand sanitiser...but HATED the smell of it (comparable to rubbing neat whisky on your hands). Then I found this hand gel and it was just what I was looking for! Luxe-looking packaging, good price point, cruelty free AND effective. I received them today and I can't stop using them- for the scent alone! It's a lovely fresh lavender smell, and my hands are feeling a lot more moisturised already. I will definitely be buying more in the future.


Anne ~ Sanitiser Gel

I'm very pleased with my purchase of the aloe Vera and lavender hand sanitiser gel. Such a nice smelling, light and not sticky sanitiser. The lavender is pleasant and not overwhelming like some lavender products. Great to have to hand when the family come home. The packaging is great, looking nice on the side and not medical/cheap. Highly recommended!!